Lost Ark Tips For Beginners: Trade Skills, Mokoko Seeds, Pets, And More (2023)

Jumping into Smilegate and Amazon's free-to-play MMORPG can be intimidating, but these essential tips will help you get started on the right foot.

By Cameron Koch on


After years of only being playable in regions like Asia and Russia, Smilegate RPG's Lost Ark is has come to North America and the rest of Europe through Amazon. The free-to-play, top-down MMORPG is filled to the brim with things to see and do, and if you're diving in for the first time with no prior knowledge, the world of Arkesia can be more than a little intimidating. But fear not, as we're here to help you become a seasoned veteran in no time.

The good news is that much of Lost Ark is only complicated at first glance. Spend some time with the game and its various systems and before long things will start to fall into place. Many of the different activities and much of the optional content can be safely ignored (or at least put off until reaching the endgame), meaning new players can simply pick their class of choice and quickly embark on the game's main story quest to find the titular lost ark. Here's a few tips to keep in mind over the course of the game's first two dozen hours as you work your way towards max level and Lost Ark's endgame content.

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Don't Skip the Prologue (At Least On Your First Character)

If you are brand new to Lost Ark and have just made your first character, don't skip the prologue. It will introduce a number of Lost Ark's basic systems while also laying the groundwork for the game's core story. While action-RPG players will no doubt be familiar with many of the gameplay elements Lost Ark introduces here, it's still worth doing, especially since it only lasts about 30 minutes. That being said, feel free to skip it on subsequent characters.

Focus On The Main Quest And Sudden Quests To Level Efficiently

Lost Ark is filled with various side quests and other activities that you could spend dozens upon dozens of hours completing should your heart desire. But if you're just looking to experience the story while also hitting max level and reaching the endgame in a reasonable amount of time, stick to the Main Quest. This will be designated by an orange, arrow-like icon prior to unlocking your boat. From there, the Main Quest turns into World Quest (designated by a blue globe icon), which you'll need to pursue to continue the story.

While focusing on the Main Quest should be your primary objective, occasionally while you're running around the world you'll see a new quest appear on your screen denoted by a red exclamation mark. These are Sudden Quests, and are a great way to earn some additional XP and rewards without having to go out of your way. Be sure to do these when they appear along the route you're already taking to the next Main Quest objective. Of course, feel free to pick up side quests (called General Quests in Lost Ark) whenever it strikes you. While it may slow down your overall leveling speed, more rewards and progress towards both your Roster (account level) and account-wide Adventure Tome can't hurt.

Claim Your Roster And Adventure Tome Rewards

As you play, you'll notice you actually have two experience bars that are going up. One is your Combat level, which is essentially your character level. The other purple bar is your Roster level, which is an account-wide level that goes up as you accomplish tasks and complete quests. You'll also eventually unlock the Adventure Tome, which is another account-wide system that keeps track of your progress throughout the world.

Make sure you check in on these every now and then. Every time your Roster level increases, you'll be able to claim rewards in the form of account-wide stat boosts. In the Adventure Tome, hitting certain levels of completion in each of the game's various continents also grants rewards, like consumable items, cards, and more. Make sure to claim these rewards as you're working your way through the game to keep your character up to snuff.

Be Sure To Spend Your Skill Points (And Feel Free To Experiment)

One of the best aspects of Lost Ark is the freedom to modify your various class skills via the game's Tripod system. Every time you level up, you'll get skill points which can be invested to make your various skills stronger. At certain thresholds, these skills can also be augmented in a number of different ways, such as changing the skill's elemental damage type or causing the skill to grant additional buffs on use. Make sure to spend these skill points as you get them, as they'll significantly boost your character's power. There's also no downside whatsoever to doing so. Lost Ark allows you to refund skill points and try out different skill augmentations at any time, meaning you never have to feel locked into a particular skill or playstyle. Experiment and see what skills and modifiers work for you, and make sure to test out new skills as you acquire them to see if one of them might be a new favorite.

Customize Your UI And Hotkeys

As with any MMO, there are a lot of skills and items you'll be using over the course of your adventure, each which can be hotkeyed onto one of the game's various hotbars. While Lost Ark's default keybinds will get the job done, feel free to change your various hotkeys to whatever is more comfortable for you. Changing whatever key your mount is on to something easily accessible, for example, can be a life changer, and you'll want to make sure your potions and other consumable items are also easily accessible in the heat of battle.

You can also customize the UI in various ways. By default, the game's map occupies the middle of the screen. While helpful, it can get in the way at times. Using the middle mouse button, you can actually drag the map anywhere you want, like to the upper left part of the screen, where it can be left up at all times should you choose and will be significantly less obstructive. You can also adjust the map's transparency, make adjustments to the game's chat window, hide parts of the UI entirely, and more, so don't be afraid to spend a little time getting your interface and hotkeys just the way you like it.

Claim Your Free Pet, It's Actually Essential

Early on in your Lost Ark adventure as you're questing through the Prideholme area, you'll be able to complete a Guide Quest explaining the game's pet system. While this might seem like something that is skippable at first glance, you absolutely need to complete this quest. Unlike in some other MMOs where pets are cosmetic only, pets in Lost Ark actually have some essential functions. First and foremost, they will pick up loot for you automatically and add it to your inventory, without you needing to do a thing. Pets also grant various passive bonuses, such as increasing your character's max HP, attack power, and more. For players who have a Crystalline Aura activated (which is essentially Lost Ark's premium subscription system), pets have even more uses.

So why is this particular quest so important to complete? Pets normally must be bought in Lost Ark's premium store or earned through various in-game events. This introductory Guide Quest actually grants you a free pet, making it your only free, early-game option for taking advantage of the various benefits pets offer.

Pay Attention To Your Combat Skill Types And Effects

Combat is one of Lost Ark's strong suits, offering frantic action combat against both massive bosses and huge swarms of enemies. While you can mash your way through most of the leveling process without truly understanding some of Lost Ark's deeper combat systems, you'll need to know the difference between different skill types and skill effects like Stagger and Counter work to survive the endgame.

Skills come in a few different types in Lost Ark. Normal skills are pretty self explanatory–you press a button, and the skill happens. More complicated are Charge, Hold, Point, and Combo skills. Charge skills require players to, well, charge the skill for a certain amount of time. Hold skills can be held for longer periods of time, with the skill persisting until the skill key is let go. Combo skills allow for multiple presses of the skill key in a set time window. Finally, Point skills require players to target an area by pointing with the mouse.

Knowing the difference between the various skill types will help you choose which skills you prefer. Understanding skills effects are just as important to emerging victorious in Lost Ark's combat. Large enemies, like bosses, will have a purple Stagger gauge underneath their health. Depleting this gauge will cause the boss to be stunned, leaving them open to attack. Certain skills deal varying amounts of Stagger damage, so it's essential to know which of your skills deal Stagger damage to come out ahead. In addition, some skills benefit from being cast in front of enemies, while other skills offer bonuses for being cast behind enemies. Some skills can even be used to counter stronger enemies charging up powerful attacks (counterable attacks are shown as blue instead of red). To learn what types of effects any given skill has, simply hover over the skill with your mouse to reveal a tooltip. Master these elements of combat, and you'll have no problem reaching Lost Ark's endgame.

Keep An Eye Out For Mokoko Seeds

Throughout the world of Lost Ark are numerous collectibles players can discover and acquire. The most prominent of these are Mokoko Seeds, which are little green seeds which can be found in nearly every one of the game's environments, including dungeons. While these aren't super important in the early game, finding them does grant you some Roster experience, which is nice. Considering there are literally over a thousand of these, you're not likely to find them all while leveling. That's perfectly okay. Some are painfully obvious to find while others are extremely well hidden. Just keep an eye out, find the ones you can, and move along.

Be Stingy With Your Consumables

Not all consumables are created equal in Lost Ark. While at first you'll be swimming in various potions and bombs, later on you'll either need to craft or purchase these important items should you run out. It's worth taking a closer look at your various healing potions in particular. While some potions heal a flat amount HP, others heal a percentage of your character's total HP. As a result, these latter potions are significantly stronger and scale better at higher levels, meaning it's best to avoid using them if you don't have to. You'll also want to save some of the various bombs and other useful consumables for higher-level content. Since the game automatically equips new consumables to your action bar as you acquire them, always take a moment to remove them and put your more valuable consumables into storage so you don't accidentally use them.

Take Some Time To Level Life Skills And Invest In Your Stronghold

At a certain point in your leveling journey, you'll unlock both your island Stronghold and Life Skills (Lost Ark's version of professions.) These two systems go hand in hand, and you would be wise not to neglect them. The Stronghold can be customized and upgraded and is where you'll be able to craft various consumables and items that will aid you in your quest. To get these upgrades rolling and also the required materials needed to craft helpful items, you'll need to level up your Life Skills like archeology, fishing, herbalism, logging, hunting, and mining.

Right as you start to unlock your Life Skills, you may notice a Life Skill vendor who sells various tools you'll need to practice skills like herbalism, mining, and others. Ignore this vendor. You can get a free set of tools by completing an associated Life Skills Guide Quest, so steer clear and save your silver.

Once you have your tools in hand, make sure to occasionally level up your Life Skills by gathering various resources as you travel through Arkesia. You don't need to go after every resource node you see, but making sure to at least put some effort into your Life Skills will mean you don't have to backtrack later if you find yourself in an area where you are unable to gather resources because your associated skills are too low.

Make Use Of Your Teleports

There are a few ways to get around in Lost Ark. Aside from using your boat to travel between continents, and of course, traveling around on foot, there's actually two main ways you can teleport around Arkesia. The first you'll have access to is the Triports. These are essentially waypoints scattered throughout the world you can fast travel to, so make sure to unlock them as you come across them. While it's not made entirely clear in-game, you can teleport to these waypoints at any time using the game's map (for a small fee). However, you can only use Triports on the same continent you are currently on.

The other main teleportation system is the Bifrost. This works like an instant recall, similar to a hearthstone in World of Warcraft. You can set this to specific locations and then use it to teleport instantly, even across continents, once you gain access to it later on in your adventure. You can have one Bifrost set for free, but those who have a Crystalline Aura get two additional Bifrosts.

Don't Be Overwhelmed

Lost Ark is a tried-and-true MMORPG, with special emphasis on the massive. There are thousands of collectables to find, a huge number of areas to explore, and numerous in-depth systems like NPC Rapport, Strongholds, the Adventure Tome, and more. Taken all together, it can definitely be intimidating. But if you're just getting started, know that many of these systems don't truly come into play until the endgame, and even then some are varying degrees of optional. In the first few dozen hours, instead of stressing about how many Mokoko Seeds you still have to find, focus on mastering your class, experiencing the story, and having fun. The rest can come later.

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Lost Ark



Lost Ark Tips For Beginners: Trade Skills, Mokoko Seeds, Pets, And More? ›

We would consider Excavating, Foraging, and Mining to be the most profitable trade skills in Lost Ark.

What is the most profitable trade skill in Lost Ark? ›

We would consider Excavating, Foraging, and Mining to be the most profitable trade skills in Lost Ark.

What happens if you collect all Mokoko seeds? ›

Mokoko Seeds can be used as a currency and exchanged for items such as potions, cards, and blueprints of varying rarity with some epic and legendary items available.

What is the success rate of skill transfers in Lost Ark? ›

Transferring Skill Trees

While level one effects are guaranteed to be transferred over, levels two to four will have chances of failing. Transferring a level two effect has a 30% rate of success, with level three and four having 15% and 5% respectively.

What is the most important currency in Lost Ark? ›

Royal Crystals are the premium currency of Lost Ark. They are for buying cosmetic items from the in-game shop. Cosmetic items such as, pets, armor skins, and weapon skins.

Is it worth leveling trade skills in Lost Ark? ›

If you need a break from slaying demons, Lost Ark's Trade Skills let you chop trees, search for relics, or go hunting to earn valuable resources. Complete with their own skill trees, Trade Skills require a large time investment, but are well worth the effort.

Do trade skills matter in Lost Ark? ›

Like any good MMO, Lost Ark is filled with a selection of side hustles and grinds that allow you to pillage the natural world to your heart's content. In Lost Ark, these are called Trade Skills, and are a crucial part of the Lost Ark experience regardless of how invested you are in gathering and and hard labour.

What is the best profession in Lost Ark? ›

Excavating is objectively the best life skill to pursue on paper. It gives you materials for Oreha fusion and life skill crafting. It drains the life skill gauge the fastest out of the three while having the highest yields for successfully passing the mini-game (it can give you up to eight times the original reward).

What are the quickest ways to level up in Ark? ›

Start building something and, between gathering and actually building, the levels will begin to rack up quickly. If you really want the absolute quickest way it's probably to make narcotics, but you really need decent dinos to have a steady stream of meat and narcoberries. Caves give crazy experience.

How important are Mokoko Seeds? ›

Why Mokoko Seeds are important. Although you could go the entire game without finding them, Mokoko Seeds offer a variety of benefits. For one, they provide you with a bit of Roster XP, giving you an easy way to boost your Roster Level and gain new perks.

How many Mokoko Seeds do you need? ›

In total, there are 1,250 Mokoko Seeds to be found in Lost Ark, which means that they aren't too difficult to come by and you will find them quite frequently as you travel across the seven different regions in the game.

Do Mokoko Seeds count towards adventure time? ›

Note that dungeons contain mokoko seeds, too. You can return to dungeons you've already been through to grab collectibles you missed, and playing them twice, on normal and hard difficulty, is required for adventure tome completion. Finding mokoko seeds doesn't count toward your adventure tome progress, however.

What is the maximum number of active skill tree in Lost Ark? ›

Skill Tree Level Activation

Each character can select up to 18 Skill Tree effects. These can be allocated within your Combat Skill window (K).

What is the max skills in Lost Ark? ›

Greater Skill Point Potion can be collected for a total of 348 Skill Points at level 50. With level 55, your maximum Skill Points attainable will become 378. At level 60, your limit will be even higher at 408 Skill Points. Collect them all to fully maximize your character!

How many times can you reset skills in Lost Ark? ›

As you progress through Lost Ark and earn more and more levels, you will eventually complete several skill trees. Rather than respec skill points for each skill tree individually, you can reset all of your skill trees at once.

How do you get 300k pirate coins in Lost Ark? ›

The easiest way to amass Pirate Coins quickly is to complete island quests, with Freedom Isle and Blackfang's Den granting the most of this Lost Ark currency. Indeed, fans can get more than enough Pirate Coins to buy the Song of Resonance simply by tackling the yellow quests on those two islands.

How much is 1000 gold in Lost Ark? ›

Buy Lost Ark Gold
Unit = 1,000 Gold
Units1 - 1000
Base price0.38

Which Coins are best Lost Ark? ›

Pirate Coins are a unique currency in Lost Ark, used mostly for sea-related content. They are a valuable currency in the early game, just after getting to level 50, as they'll help you get a better ship, unlock new songs, and progress your collectibles collection.

Should you dismantle or sell while leveling Lost Ark? ›

The big question; Lost Ark Dismantle or Sell? Dismantle. At every point of the game you should Dismantle your excess equipment. The amount of silver is equal to selling at low levels, so you are just saving inventory space.

What level should I be to use market Lost Ark? ›

The auction house is a separate section of the marketplace where players can bid on and buy high-level gear and equipment to enhance their character's abilities. At character degree 30 in the Lost Ark, players will unlock the public sale home.

Is it hard to level up in Lost Ark? ›

Leveling up in Lost Ark is easy; could take you 12 to 20 hours to reach level 50 from scratch. However, if you are new to the game, it is recommended to go slow and enjoy every bit of the game. You can rush later with another character. Main Quests are the easiest way to level up.

How important is dexterity in Lost Ark? ›

Dexterity is the basic stat related to the Gunner and Assassin classes. The more Dexterity stat you get as a Gunner or an Assassin, the more Atk. Power your character gets.

How important is roster level Lost Ark? ›

As your roster level increases, all characters connected to that specific account get special perks, including stat buffs. At specific levels, players will also get special rewards like Crystal chests, wallpapers, Phoenix Plumes, potions, and more.

What is the fastest way to get gold in Lost Ark? ›

Adventure Island Daily

Daily Adventure Islands have gold rewards in Lost Ark. Adventure Islands are one of the most consistent ways to get gold. Specifically, every two or three days, one of the daily Adventure Islands will award gold, which is based on your item level.

What is the easiest way to get gold in Lost Ark? ›

Lost Ark Gold: How To Earn It
  1. Finding secret rooms in Lost Ark dungeons, and defeating the dungeon boss before the timer runs down.
  2. Completing a Guardian Raid for the first time.
  3. Building Lost Ark rapport with certain NPCs.
  4. Completing Gateway maps.
  5. Completing daily adventure islands.
Oct 4, 2022

Do Guardian raids give gold in Lost Ark? ›

How to profit from Guardian Raids? - The first two Guardian Raids you do each day are bound to drop tradable Upgrade Materials and Accessories. You can sell these to other players to make some extra Lost Ark Gold.

How long does 1 50 take in Lost Ark? ›

Certain dungeons, raids, and more are accessible after a player has made it to the coveted level 50. It can take a bit of a grind to get there, however. Some players have spent dozens of hours moving through the game at their own pace, but the consensus is that it takes between 25 and 30 hours.

What is the record for the fastest 1 50 in Lost Ark? ›

Level 1-50 in 9h 06m 23s by OfficiallySp - Lost Ark - speedrun.com.

How many hours does it take to beat Lost Ark? ›

Powered by IGN Wiki Guides
Main Story2153h 55m
Main + Extras28225h 17m
Completionist21011h 30m
All PlayStyles51185h 33m

What is the hardest role in Lost Ark? ›

The Gunslinger is one of the most difficult classes to learn how to play effectively in both PvE and PvP, though the high skill ceiling does come with the reward of high damage output.

What's the strongest class in Lost Ark? ›

Best Lost Ark classes: PvE

Up in the S-tier are two Warrior classes: Berserker, and Gunlancer. They're accompanied once more by the Bard, and the Destroyer. The Paladin class has moved to the top in the most recent meta, thanks to its support skillset.

What is the best starting character in Lost Ark? ›

Berserker (Warrior)

A solid choice for beginners, he nevertheless won't let you down if you choose to main him until the very end. For everything you need to know about putting together this beefy warrior's best build, have a look at our Lost Ark Berserker build guide.

What gives the most XP to build in Ark? ›

Craft items like sparkpowder or torches in bulk early on. These are both relatively low cost items and give you large amounts of XP over time. Alternatively, another method is to build tons of thatch or wooden foundations.

What is the best skill to level up in Ark? ›

Ark: Survival Evolved –10 Most Useful Character Stats To Upgrade
  • 3 Torpidity.
  • 4 Movement Speed. ...
  • 5 Health. ...
  • 6 Melee Damage. ...
  • 7 Weight. ...
  • 8 Fortitude. ...
  • 9 Water. ...
  • 10 Oxygen. Though oxygen may not play a big role in the early stages/levels of the game, upgrading it is so important. ...
Feb 26, 2023

What are the most useful classes in Lost Ark? ›

Best Lost Ark classes: PvE
SBard, Berserker, Destroyer, Gunlancer
AArcanist, Artillerist, Deathblade, Glavier, Gunslinger, Paladin, Reaper, Sorceress, Striker, Wardancer
BScrapper, Shadowhunter, Soulfist
CDeadeye, Machinist, Sharpshooter
Apr 28, 2023

What are the trade skills leveling in Lost Ark? ›

There are 6 different Lost Ark Trade Skills that you can level; Foraging, Logging, Mining, Hunting, Fishing and Excavating. As you might think, each one serves a different purpose for gathering different resources. Foraging is ideal for crafting potions and survivability items.

What is the best ship to invest in Lost Ark? ›

The best ship type you should upgrade and focus on in Lost Ark is the Estoque. It's the first ship type you will get when you unlock the Sailing system, and it's the sole ship you can easily use in all situations and for all sea events.

How many skills can you max in Lost Ark? ›

Unlocking Skill Points from Leveling

Every character in Lost Ark has a combat level and with each level you will unlock more Skill Points. As such, when reaching level 50, you will have a total of 252 points to work with. Then an additional 60 points as you reach level 60 for a total of 312 Skill Points at max level.

What is the most difficult class in Lost Ark? ›

What is the hardest class in the Lost Ark? Arcanist is one of the hardest classes to master in Lost Ark. With a unique Identity system through its Card Deck, focus on high APM & a playstyle requiring quick thinking and adaptability; Arcanist is easily a class that can challenge players to their limits.

What is the easiest class to survive in Lost Ark? ›

My recommendations for a new player would be:
  • Legacy machinist(don't need a lot of sp/tripods and only 2 gems (low ceiling at endgame)
  • Demonic Shadowhunter (literally same as machinist but melee and demon not Ironman)
  • Gunlancer. Tanky. ...
  • Reflux sorc. ...
  • (Wildcard) LC SS.
Jan 21, 2023

What is the best easiest class in Lost Ark? ›

Generally speaking, melee classes and tanks will be easier for those getting used to the mechanics. For this reason, any of the warrior class options - such as the Berserker, Gunlancer or Paladin - are good first choices for beginners.

What are awakening skills in Lost Ark? ›

So, what's an Awakening skill? As mentioned, they're quite similar to normal abilities, but stronger. They don't require skill points, but they do have a very long cooldown time and they consume Chaos Shards upon use. You can buy these Shards from General Merchants (250 silver each) or at the Auction House.

Are trade skills account wide in Lost Ark? ›

Yes, Trade Skills in Lost Ark are account-wide, which means that they are shared with your roster of characters.

What is the best early boat in Lost Ark? ›

The Estoque is one of the first ships you unlock in the game, and it's also a mandatory mission to complete, so you can't miss it. This makes it great because you can focus your already scarce upgrade materials on it straight away and have a strong ship come the end game, where most of the sailing will take place.

Which pirate coin is best Lost Ark? ›

Sailing challenges.

Or Navigation co-op events, as they're also called. Find them in Procyon's Compass. Besides Pirate Coins, these challenges also reward one other type of Sea Coin. If you plan on exchanging them for Pirate Coins, remember that Sun Coins are the best option.

What is the best ship to upgrade early in Lost Ark? ›

Since there are numerous harbors and Marinas along the borders, players will likely need more speed and resistance than durability. For this reason, it's better to upgrade the Estoque than the White Wind. Then, you can choose different strategies by picking your crewmates.


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